Stay-Form Blindside Wall Using Rebar Hooks and Loop-Coil Ties

A 12' high wall, about 100' long, needed to be poured 3" off a neighboring masonry foundation in an urban location. Since it was not possible to pour a one-side wall against the existing wall, it was decided to pour a blindside wall with Stay-Form® as the stay-in-place form panel. Steel Dog® RH-6 Rebar Hooks and LC-6 Loop-Coil Ties were selected for the tie element between Steel Ply® panels and #6 rebar studs backing up the Stay-Form.

Sections of Stay-Form® wall were prepared by wiring lengths of the #6 rebar on 12" spacing, then these sections lifted into vertical position on the wall with the rebar running horizontally. This created a 12" x 24" tie spacing.

Attaching the Loop-Coil/Rebar Hook ties was simply a matter of pushing the Rebar Hook through slits in the Stay-Form® with a slight twist, hand-tightening the 1/2" coil rod, and turning the LC to the exact length required. (All of which is easily done with gloved hands.)

With our tie system, all the components (Transition Ties, 1/2" coil rod, and Rebar Hooks) are standard parts available from stock. There is no need to custom-order ties for a specific job, with the risk of design changes or ordering the wrong parts. (Actually, on the job shown here, a last-minute change WAS made, requiring a portion of the wall to be a different thickness. This was quickly achieved at no additional cost by simply turning the Loop-Coil Ties to the new length. With custom-ordered ties, this would have represented a potential loss of thousands of dollars and several weeks lost time for new hook ties to be made.)

All of our LC's are rated for a heavy-duty 2800 lbs safe working load, and are available for wall thicknesses down to 3". Standard with 1" breakback, also available with 2" breakback. The RH-6 has a safe working load rating of 1800 lbs.

NOTE: Any formwork involving one-sided or blindside walls should be properly engineered. Consult Stay-Form® literature for blindside wall load tables for appropriate rebar stud sizing and spacing for various pour pressures. You must determine that the applied tie load does not exceed safe working load of the components. Do not bend any tie components. Do not use any bent or damaged components.

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