Photo of curved Stay-Form blindside wall

Curved Stay-Form Blindside Wall Using Rebar Hooks and Loop-Coil Ties

The versatility of the Steel Dog® tie system for Stay-Form® blindside walls is valuable on unusual forming jobs such as this one.

Since our ties are threaded together with standard 1/2" coil rod, a tie of any length can be quickly produced in the field by turning the LC on the coil rod, or cutting the coil rod to any desired length.


NOTE: Any formwork involving one-sided or blindside walls should be properly engineered. Consult Stay-Form® literature for blindside wall load tables for appropriate rebar stud sizing and spacing for various pour pressures. You must determine that the applied tie load does not exceed safe working load of the components. Do not bend any tie components. Do not use any bent or damaged components.

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Photo of curved Stay-Form blindside wall overview with form panels