Steel Ply panels being set up to pour one-sided refacing wall against old wall
Detail showing LC-6 Loop-Coil Ties and coil rod anchored into existing wall

One-Sided Battered Wall Using LC-6 Loop-Coil Ties

Approximately 400 feet of 12 foot high, 90 year-old, battered concrete retaining wall needed refacing. Steel Dog® LC-6 Loop-Coil™ Ties were chosen to attach Steel Ply® form panels to the sound portions of the existing wall, using short lengths of 1/2" coil rod and Powers® Drop-In™ anchors.

The wall was prepared by chipping away the crumbling concrete, which left a highly irregular surface. The LC's offer an easy and economical way to deal with the variable wall thickness that this presents, by simply cutting the coil rod to size and threading the LC for fine adjustment.

All of our LC's are rated for a heavy-duty 2800 lbs safe working load, and are available for wall thicknesses down to 3". Standard with 1" breakback, also available with 2" breakback.

Crumbling battered retaining wall overview

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LC-6 drawing, one-sided wall application
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