One sided wall against existing concrete foundation showing coil rod stubs   Finished one-sided wall    
A pattern of holes corresponding to the formwork tie spacing has been drilled into the existing wall (covered by white foam.) Powers® Drop-In™ anchors were set into the holes, then short lengths of 1/2" coil rod threaded into the anchors. Resi-Coil™ Ties are threaded onto the coil rod stubs as form panels are set in place.
The finished wall before breaking back exposed form ties.

One-Sided Wall Using RC-6 Resi-Coil Ties

The foundation for a multifamily structure in Queens, NY, needed to be poured up against the existing foundation of a neighboring building. The contractor, using 1-1/8" plywood forms, selected Steel Dog® RC-6 Resi-Coil™ Ties to attach his formwork directly into the existing concrete wall.

The RC's saved the tremendous expense of external bracing and also reduced the net pressure on the existing foundation wall.




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