Photo of one-sided pour against sheet piling

Rebar Hooks and Loop-Coil Ties Used to Form One-Sided Wall Against Sheet Piling

This application was a 10 foot high retaining wall adjacent to a beach parking lot in New York. The contractor was looking for an inexpensive way to pour a one-sided wall against sheet piling. They choose Steel Dog® LC-4 Loop-Coil Ties and Rebar Hooks to accomplish the task.

Nelson studs were welded to the projecting surfaces of the sheet piling on 2 foot vertical spacing. Horizontal lengths of rebar were welded to these studs. These rebars provided quick attachment points along the wall for ties made up of an LC-4 and RH-6 threaded to a short length of 1/2" coil rod. The adjustibility inherent in this tie system made it easy to true up the wall.

This method made it simple to coordinate the welder's job with the formwork erection. The welder needed only to affix the rebar at the correct vertical spacing. Even then, the LC/RH tie combination was tolerant of about +/-7 degrees of vertical angular misalignment.


NOTE: Any formwork involving one-sided or blindside walls should be properly engineered. You must determine that the applied tie load does not exceed safe working load of the components. Do not bend any tie components. Do not use any bent or damaged components.

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Photo of LC-4 Loop-Coil Tie and RH-6 Rebar Hook used on one-sided wall