Photo of windmill tower base large mass pour

Rebar Hooks Used as Long Tie Alternative

On large mass pours, it is sometimes difficult or impossible to run long ties between opposing form panels because of a dense rebar mat or other obstructions.

The tower base for a windmill installation in New Jersey presented such a situation. On this 30 foot diameter octagonal base, a cylindrical tower section precluded running long ties directly across. Instead, Steel Dog® Rebar Hooks and lengths of 1/2" coil rod were used to connect steel form panels to embedded rebar in concrete filled pipe piles beneath the tower base.

Two features of the Rebar Hook are especially useful in an application such as this:

NOTE: The Rebar Hook has a safe working load of 1800 lbs.

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Photo of Steel Dog Rebar Hook attached to embedded rebar on concrete-filled pipe pile