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Stronger than steel

No rust

No patching


Steel Dog Fiberglass Loop Ties are simple, strong, and easy to use.

The unique design features a single—continuous thread—of ultra high strength epoxy coated glass that is 5 times stronger than steel. Fiberglass form ties mimic the form of a conventional loop tie, making installation effortless.




Board Form


Board formed concrete is an increasingly popular architectural finish. However, using the correct tie is crucial to ensuring that your wall will look and hold up well over the years. When fiberglass ties are ground flush with the wall the tiny remnant becomes nearly invisible with the features of the natural wood grain pattern. Most importantly they never rust—no staining.



Form Liners


Fiberglass ties are incredibly easy to install on a job with a form liner and the finish is outstanding.Cut or burn a small slot in the liner just large enough to pass the loop end through, and wedge bolt the tie in place. Never worry about rust stains on your beautful finished wall.