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AC-6 Aluma-Coil Tie
BP-12 Beam Pocket
BT-2 Break-Off Tool
BT-10 TieBreaker
CC-22 Corner Clip, 22 Deg
CC-30 Corner Clip, 30 Deg
CC-45 Corner Clip, 45 Deg
CC-90 Corner Clip, 90 Deg
EC-100 Corner "E" Clip
FB-XXX Footing Bracket
FN-250 Foam Nail for 2" Foam
FN-450 Foam Nail for 4" Foam
FN-550 Foam Nail for 5" Foam
FN-650 Foam Nail for 6" Foam
HC-075 Panel Clip, 3/4"
HC-112 Panel Clip, 1-1/8"
HC-150 Stacking Clip, 1-1/8"
LC-4 Loop-Coil Tie, 4"
LC-6 Loop-Coil Tie, 6"
LC-7-2 Loop-Coil Tie, 2" BB
OC-250 Offset Clip
RC-4 Resi-Coil Tie, 4"
RC-6 Resi-Coil Tie, 6"
RH-6 Rebar Hook, 1/2" to #6
RH-48 Rebar Hook, 1/2" to #8
RH-8 Rebar Hook, 3/4" to #8
PCW-750 Plastic Cone Wrench
SC-64 Snap-Coil Tie, Short End
SC-68 Snap-Coil Tie, Long End
SCL-4 Coil-Lag
SCS-4 Coil-Stud
SP-1 Stacking Plate
TWC-425 Top Waler Clamp, 3/4"
TWC-450 Top Waler Clamp, 1-1/8"
WB-6 Waler Bracket, 6"
WBW-4 Waler w/ Wedge, 4"


WBW Waler Bracket with wedge in use on forms
CC-90 Corner Clip

SCL Coil-Lag

The SCS-4 Coil-Stud™ swivel coil tie weld stud for fast attachment of formwork to steel structures

Custom Length Snap-Coil Ties
Custom Snap-Coil Ties

The versatile Snap-Coil Ties are now available in custom lengths. For one-sided wall applications, just tell us the length of the tail needed (standard sizes are 4-3/4" and 8-1/4") and the additional length needed on the tie.

Zinc Plating Available  

Most of our coil hardware can be supplied with zinc plating. Two finishes are available:

Electroplated zinc: thin plating, moderate corrosion resistance.

Mechanical galvanizing: maximum corrosion resistance. Available in zinc thicknesses up to 4 mil

Contact factory for pricing and availability.

New Aluma-Coil Tie Size  
Aluma-Coil Ties In addition to the all-purpose AC-6 Aluma-Coil Tie, we now offer the AC-4 for doing one-sided walls down to 4" thickness with aluminum forms

Attention Gates Users:  
HC-075 Panel Clip for Gates 3/4" plywood forms
We make versions of some of our popular 1-1/8" hardware for Gates 3/4" plywood form systems as well. The HC-075 Panel Clip joins 3/4" panels for stacking or short height additions.
The TWC-425 Top Waler Clamp is used to straighten 3/4" form walls with a 2 x 4 (here are TWC's used on 1-1/8" form panels.)
TWC Top Waler Clamp

Steel Dog Concrete Form Hardware

We've built our reputation on making a better class of hardware at a reasonable price. Join the thousands of contractors who have discovered the Steel Dog® way of doing things.

With a network of dealers across the USA and Canada, our hardware is already likely within reach.

Explore what we have to offer, and see how we can make a difference in how you work with concrete.

Photo of HC-150 Stacking Clips and Stacking Spreaders on foundation wall

LC-4 Loop-Coil Ties used on Steel Ply forms for refacing one-sided wall

Photo of Stay-Form blindside wall job

Photo of Footing Brackets at jobsite

Photo of TWC-450 Top Waler Clamp