Fiberglass Loop Ties

Patent Pending

Heavy Duty -3000LB safe working load


•Eliminates need for cones



•Low thermal conductivity (for insulating applications)


Epoxy coated fiber thread, tinted grey to match concrete color for cosmetic applications

Maximum Safe Working Load:

3000 lbs (based on a 2:1 safe-working-load)


•Architectural/exposed concrete walls

•Water treatment facilities

•Insulated concrete walls

•Applications where steel or rust is a concern

•The Fiberglass tie lends itself perfectly to any application where conventional steel loop ties are discouraged or prohibited, as well as places where stainless ties or deep breakbacks are required. They can also be used alongside conventional steel ties to address a critical section of a wall.


Fiberglass Ties should be installed like their steel counterparts. Set up formwork and fasten ties in place with wedge bolts


•After stripping panels break the thimbles off with a hammer or use an angle grinder or multi-tool. NO PATCHING REQUIRED

•For exposed walls where appearance is critical, use a shim stock backing around the tie to protect the finished wall from the grinder.

Additional resources:

PDF spec sheet