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Stronger than steel
No rust
No patching

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Simple Design

Fiberglass offers many advantages over steel—it never rusts, it resists water seepage, and it eliminates the need for breakback requirements and patching. However, until now it has been a difficult and expensive material to work with—requiring special hardware, and a tremendous amount of labor.

The Steel Dog, Fiberglass Loop Tie is designed to work natively with modular steel framed panels. It assumes the form of a conventional steel loop tie, allowing you to easily wedge bolt it in place. Formed from a continuous thread of high strength epoxy coated glass which is 5 times stronger than steel by weight.

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TellTale Tab: indicates tie is installed, provides a handle for feeding ties.

Die Cast Thimble: forms a loop on each end of the tie to accept a wedge bolt

High Strength Fiberglass: 5 times stronger than steel (by weight) easy to grind, colored to match concrete

How to Fiberglass Loop Ties stack up?

The Steel Dog® Fiberglass Loop Tie is the most accessible tie for almost any application.


Board Form

Board formed concrete is an increasingly popular architectural finish. However, using the correct tie is crucial to ensuring that your wall will look and hold up well over the years. When fiberglass ties are ground flush with the wall the tiny remnant becomes nearly invisible with the features of the natural wood grain pattern. Most importantly they never rust which means no staining.

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Form Liners

Fiberglass ties are incredibly easy to install on a job with a form liner and the finish is outstanding. Cut or burn a small slot in the liner just large enough to pass the loop end through, and wedge bolt the tie in place. Never worry about rust stains on your beautiful finished wall.


Water Treatment

Fiberglass ties are ideal for use in water containment structures. Steel ties, even if supplied with a waterstop, will eventually rust with constant exposure to water—providing a pathway for water to seep through the concrete. Fiberglass ties never rust—ensuring a lasting bond between the concrete and the tie. Fiberglass ties are also ground flush with the surface of the wall, eliminating the need for labor intensive patching.



Color options

The standard color is light gray for use with a common, non-tinted concrete mix. Other color options include dark gray, red, brown, and black — covering the majority of colored concrete and stains.


Product Specs

Patent Pending


•Eliminates need for cones



•Low thermal conductivity (for insulating applications)


Epoxy coated fiber thread, tinted grey to match concrete color for cosmetic applications

Maximum Safe Working Load:

3000 lbs (based on a 2:1 safe-working-load)


•Architectural/exposed concrete walls

•Water treatment facilities

•Insulated concrete walls

•Applications where steel or rust is a concern

•The Fiberglass tie lends itself perfectly to any application where conventional steel loop ties are discouraged or prohibited, as well as places where stainless ties or deep breakbacks are required. They can also be used alongside conventional steel ties to address a critical section of a wall.


Fiberglass Ties should be installed like their steel counterparts. Set up formwork and fasten ties in place with wedge bolts


•After stripping panels break the thimbles off with a hammer or use an angle grinder or multi-tool. NO PATCHING REQUIRED

•For exposed walls where appearance is critical, use a shim stock backing around the tie to protect the finished wall from the grinder.

Additional resources:

PDF spec sheet