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Angle Corner Clips

Steel Dog Angle Corner Clips are a fast, inexpensive alternative to
full-height, metal outside corners.

Available in 22.5°, 30°, and 45° versions, these clips slip tightly onto the end of the panel bar, converting a pair of standard filler panels into a corner in seconds. Reduce the number of heavy, expensive, and maintenance-prone full-height corners in your inventory.

Drawing of CC-45 Corner Clips in use on 1-1/8" form panels

Put your filler panels to work as outside corners

Instead of putting your money into dedicated full-height metal corners that will sit idle much of the time, spend up to 65% less on a set of corner clips and get double-duty out of your existing filler panels. Have a mixed inventory of panels? Angle Corner Clips can be used on panels of any height, with any number of bars. CC-45 clips can even be piggybacked to create on-the-spot outside 90° corners (although CC-90 Corner Clips are the best choice for outside corners.)

CC-22 Corner Clip CC-22
CC-30 Corner Clip CC-30
CC-45 Corner Clip CC-45

Calculating Filler Panel Width

To get the ties nearest to the corner to line up, and for uniform wall thickness, the proper width fillers need to be selected. The exact width to match 4” x 4” inside corners in most cases is not a standard filler, but the nearest whole inch size is usually a good approximation. Use the table below to determine the right filler width for your application.

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