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BP-12 Beam Pocket

Smooth, easy-release, reusable steel beam pocket Drawing of BP-12 Beam Pocket
Press-formed from a single sheet of steel: no welds or seams
Smooth, tapered design won’t get locked into the wall: releases with a light tap
Heavy-gauge steel to resist denting
Parts nest for compact storage
Low cost, mass-produced


Drawing of installation steps for BP-12 Beam Pocket
Drawing of beam pocket dimensions

Most reusuable metal beam pockets are made by bending and welding. This often creates rough, uneven edges and surfaces which get locked into the concrete and make stripping a matter of hammering, chiseling, and prying. We thought there was a better way to make a beam pocket, so we created a pocket that is seamlessly formed from a single sheet of steel, with no welding at all.

The result is a beam pocket which strips effortlessly out of the concrete, time after time. In addition, we've designed an easy alignment feature (see above diagrams) that speeds installation. A single reference nail locates the pocket in the desired location on the form panel.

Photo of nested stack of BP-12 Beam Pockets

Nesting design for compact storage.

As if all of that wasn't enough, we made our beam pockets nest inside each other so a whole job's worth sits neatly in a space no bigger than a bucket. We like to think of everything...

Transition Ties
footing brackets
1-1/8" form hardware
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