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EC-100 Corner "E" Clip photo
OC-250 Offset Clip


For situations where the form bars are not in line.

When there is a step-up on the footings, or any case where adjacent panels must be shifted vertically so that the panel bars do not line up, the OC-250 Offset Clip can help. This clip catches a tie and connects the panels with two holes for nailing into the plywood. Symmetrical design means the clip works the same way on either side of the wall. Unique tabbed end keeps the nails far from the edge of the form panel to reduce damage to plywood.

OC-250 Offset Clip photo

Drawing of OC-250 Offset Clips used on step-up transition on 1-1/8" form panels

ST-100 Half Clip


The all-purpose tie clip.

There are many situations where a tie is needed but there is no swing latch, or where there is no room to swing the latch. That is where the Half Clip comes in handy. Our clip is narrow, to fit in tight spots, and it has a tapered lead in the slot to make it easier to catch the tie.

ST-100 drawing
Graphic of ST-100 Half Clips used on form panels at beginning of wall
OC-250 Offset Clips on form panels
EC-100 Corner "E" Clip

Used to join narrow filler panels or old-style corners, where swing latches are not present, the EC-100 is precision stamped and through-hardened for a secure, consistent, and strong joint. First to feature the useful "extended fingers" that project below the panel bar, providing an easier target to hit with a hammer when stripping. This makes stripping easier and reduces damage to the form panels and panel bars.

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Photo of EC-100 Corner "E" Clip used with narrow filler on wall