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HC-150 Stacking Clip
Stacking Clips on form panels
HC-112 Panel Clip

The HC-112 is just like the HC-150 Stacking Clip above, except that it joins 1-1/8" to 1-1/8" panels. Like the HC-150, it is a thin, strong clip and is used to primarily for adding extra height to your form panels.

A common use of the HC-112 is as an aid to setting standard narrow filler panels horizontally on the top of a wall of form panels. By using the filler panels' swing latches on one side, and half clips on the other, standard wall ties can be used to tie the wall at the joint between the fillers and the normal wall panels. This is particularly useful for stacking with 4-bar panels, where the top tie location (on 8 ft panels) is 22" from the top.

(Also available: the HC-075 Panel Clip for 3/4"-to-3/4" panels, such as the Gates System)

SP-1 Stacking Plate

The SP-1 is used when stacking 4-bar form panels, or panels that do not allow for staggered height arrangements. Put the SP at the place where four panels meet. Accepts standard residential wall tie. Heat treated for extra strength.

HC-150 Stacking Clips used to attach 2 x 8's to 6-bar form panels
HC-150 Stacking Clips used to secure filler panel to 1-1/8" form panels

Other Uses

Stacking Clips can be used to make temporary filler panels on the spot from 1-1/2” lumber (or use HC-112’s and 1-1/8” plywood.) As shown on the right, joining up to an existing wall sometimes requires a scribed board to match an uneven surface. Use HC’s to join a 2x4 or 2x6 to the first form panels. Cut board to match adjoining surface. Secure ties at joint between first form panel and the temporary filler with ST-100 Half Clips.

Use the same technique to make panel-to-panel fillers in the middle of a wall to get exactly the width you want, or to cut for wall pass-throughs.


SP-1 Stacking Plate installation on 1-1/8" form panels
HC-150 Stacking Clip

The HC-150 Stacking Clip is a thin, strong, steel clip for joining 1-1/8" plywood panels to 1-1/2" lumber. It's an inexpensive way to add inches to your forms. Just slip one clip over the top of each form panel, then slide a length of "2 by" onto the top. Nail holes provided to secure the clip to plywood and board. Strips easily.

Stacking Clips are a great way to maximize an investment in 8 ft panels, providing a quick and inexpensive way to pour up to 8 ft 11 in walls without investing in new wall panels.

When used on the top of 6-bar forms (or other forms where the top panel bar is within 8 inches of the top), generally only the top of the planks will have to be tied together. On 4-bar forms, Steel Dog Stacking Spreaders are a fast way to prevent both the top and bottom of the planks from spreading.

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Photo of Stacking Clips used with planks to add inches of height to form panels
  HC-150's used on 8ft, 4-bar forms  
  HC-150's on 4-bar forms