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 Solutions for Any Foundation

See the various hardware and accessories available from Steel Dog®

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Innovative design for faster assembly and stripping, and more pours.

The 4 Bar family is the lowest cost configuration of the 1-1/8 plywood system. It has the fewest number of panel bars and therefore the fewest number of ties in each wall. In turn, fewer ties and panel bars will allow for more deflection in the panel, so pouring higher walls is more difficult.

The 5 Bar family is more or less a middle ground between 4 and 6 bars. It has the benefit of some increased strength over the 4 bar system, while remaining a lower cost option over the 6 bar.

The 6 Bar family is the cream of the crop in the 1-1/8" world.  The bar spacing on these panels is even—from bottom to top—on 16" centers, which means deflection will be minimized and stagger stacking is easily achievable.

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Rapid Setup

Contractors throughout the country choose Steel Dog panels for their unmatched quality and durability. However, the speed of the 1-1/8” system is what allows contractors to bid confidently and complete jobs in record time.




The only thing faster than setting up 1-1/8” forms is taking them down… This is where the attached swing latch technology is unparalleled in the industry.


Clean Break-off

Ties, like all parts of the 1-1/8” system, are designed for speed. A single hammer blow simultaneously removed excess concrete and breaks the tie back in the wall.


Steel Dog System Hardware

From footing brackets to top waler clamps, Steel Dog has always set the standard for 1-1/8” form hardware. You’ll find that same quality in the hardware attached to every Steel Dog panel. With a wide selection of corner clips, stacking hardware, brackets, transition ties and other accessories, you can assemble Steel Dog panels fast, whatever your foundation requirements are. For integrity and flexibility, you can count on Steel Dog.

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