Aluminum Clad Filler

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Stronger and more versatile than steel fillers

The Steel Dog® Aluminum-Clad Filler™ is constructed of 1"

HDO plywood cased in an 1/8" aluminum skin. The rigid structure

of plywood combined with the tensile strength of aluminum make

this filler up to three times stronger than a comparable wood filler.

The working face and edges are wrapped in aluminum and the

latch side is HDO plywood. Available in filler widths 6" to 10".

Wood fillers under 8" are prone to breaking during stripping and

are commonly substituted with a comparable size steel filler.

Unfortunately, steel fillers cannot accept ties and are difficult to

work with - cannot nail, drill, or cut into them. Aluminum-Clad

Fillers™ are stronger than steel but offer the low weight and

versatility you're used to in a wood filler — they stay straight, you

can nail into them, and they don't leave rust stains on your wall.

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• High strength aluminum skin

• Standard self cleaning tie notches

• No risk of breakage when stripping

• Extended life of working face


• Designed to be used in place of a standard 1-1/8" plywood

or steel filler

• Particularly useful for 8' and taller forms


• Any height panel: 6in - 10in widths

• Custom sizes available on request


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