Turnbuckle Brace

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Turnbuckle brace designed specifically to attach to 1-1/8” forms

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Steel Dog® TBTF Turnbuckle Braces provide a better way to align and straighten your form panels to pour a perfect foundation. A special attachment clip makes a secure connection to Steel Dog® and most other 1-1/8” panels, and a sturdy coil thread turnbuckle provides fine adjustment.  An angle iron attachment nailing bar provides connection to lumber brace of your choice.


  • Allows for precise alignment of walls from one side only--push or pull with turnbuckle; alternative to bracing by boards from both sides

  • Unique attachment clip attaches to waler bolt on panel bar--held in place by panel latch

  • Angle iron nailing attachment for 2 x 4 brace

  • 3/4” coil thread turnbuckle for fast and jam-free adjustment

Ordering Info

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