Rebar Hooks

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Steel Dog® Rebar Hooks are a low-cost, fast means of connecting threaded rod at right angles anywhere along the length of rebar for a variety of purposes. The unique arrangement of two opposing hooks makes it easy to make a field connection to rebar with limited clearance. 


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  • Unique “opposed hook” design provides secure attachment in limited space 

  • Hook held in position by the connecting threaded rod. NO SEPARATE NUTS OR OTHER FASTENERS REQUIRED.

  • Different hooks for four standard threaded rod types

  • Attach to up to #8 rebar (for larger sizes, see Rebar Coil Clamp)


Carbon steel. Some sizes available in stainless steel by special order. 


None. Electroplated zinc, galvanized, and epoxy finishes available: consult factory.


  • Stay-Form blind side wall ties

  • Tying low edge forms to rebar mats for slab pours

  • Tying bottoms of forms into vertical mudslab rebar 

  • Self-supporting insert for shotcrete walls


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1. Push Onto Rebar

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2. Twist Hook

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3. Tighten Coil Rod



Rebar Hook Variations:

We offer a variety of Rebar Hooks with different coil sizes and different hook sizes.  We also offer most Rebar Hooks in stainless steel or the option of zinc or galvanized coatings.  



Rebar Hook ½” Coil

1/2" Coil rod to #8 or smaller rebar



Rebar Hook 3/4" Coil

3/4" coil rod to #8 or smaller rebar



Rebar Hook 15mm threadbar

15mm threadbar to #8 or smaller rebar

Other sizes available. Consult factory.

Ordering Info

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