Deep Breakback Resi-Tie™

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Pour Commercial Walls with Residential Forms

The DB Resi-Tie™, with an 1-1/2” breakback and optional waterstop, makes it possible to pour commercial-specification concrete walls with 1-1/8” form panels. The precisely crimped ends of this round wire tie fit the swing latches of standard 1-1/8” forms in the same way as standard flattened-wire ties.

Unlike some other ties, the DB Resi-Tie™ is a round wire tie, so a plastic cone is not necessary for the tie to break back to the proper depth in most circumstances. (To ensure good breakback without cone, we apply a bond-breaker wax finish around the breakback area).

If needed to ensure breakback, or for finishing purposes, plastic cones are available at extra cost.

A neoprene washer waterstop is also available.

The DB Resi-Tie™ is available from stock in many common sizes. Other sizes available by special order.

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